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Focus Stacker retouch interface

While Focus Stacker has an advanced algorithm for selecting and blending sharpest regions from source images sometimes the automatic result can be improved with manual corrections. For example, an insect is overall still during the stack capture time but moves its antennae.

Since the moving antennae is the sharpest part in several source images it is copied several times to the composite image. In this case we need to keep only one copy of the antennae to have an acceptable composite image. The retouch interface in Focus Stacker allows to do this by precisely specifying which parts of the source images will be used in composite.

Retouch interface basic controls

To enter the retouch interface click on the brush image button in the toolbar.

The retouch interface consists of retouch tools — brush and eraser which allow to create a mask atop of the selected source image. The pixels in this mask are copied to the composite image thus overriding the automatic sharpest region selection. In the window you will see:

The eraser brush cancels the effect of the drawing brush in the area of its application; the composite image reverted to the original result of the automatic algorithm.

Shortcuts for quick stack navigation and brush size

When mouse cursor is over source or composite image you can access additional actions by pressing and holding cmd key on the keyboard:

Undo and redo

Undo and redo works as expected with the standard shortcuts cmd-Z and shift-cmd-Z and corresponding menu items.


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